We've moved!

Charlotte Allen
September 8, 2023

As you may know, we recently hopped across town and moved to a new office in Millers House, Roman Way, Market Harborough. (right opposite the Garage Bakehouse if you're familiar).

We sat down with Natalie from Wells McFarlane, who facilitated our move, to chat about how we got here! We thought we'd share our chat here too, so you can get to know a bit more about us.

Our team love the new space and we love welcoming clients here too. Do check out our socials for the full tour!

Can you give a brief history and description of what you do at The Business Hut?

We are The Business Hut and we offer bookkeeping and accountancy services to a wide range of businesses and individuals. We started the business in 2014 with just the Directors, Victoria & myself. We became a Xero partner almost straight away and offered cloud based accounting services to other growing businesses that needed the support but not the big fees. Our services and team have grown every year since. We have found that offering our old fashioned service values and building strong client relationships has enabled us to flourish. It also gives us that feel good factor that we’re providing something of real value and we love getting to know every single business we work with.

Why was the Miller House the right location for your business?

We have been searching for the right place for our growing team for a couple of years! We have always been based in Market Harborough town centre and we love being in such a wonderful town, but also part of the busy local business community. So we very much wanted to stay central. Millers House seemed like the perfect location for us, to stay in town, easy to find, and also to be able to offer our clients that vital parking when visiting. Our new neighbours in the building are also well established and welcoming businesses and we’re really happy to be sitting alongside them.

What made you decide to move? Why now?

As our team has grown over the last few years, naturally we were always on the search for a bigger space. However, when the pandemic hit us, it put the brakes on things. Like most businesses, we entered a hybrid working situation where our team mixed home and office working arrangements. This has continued, mostly due to the lack of space; but we’re now very excited to open our fresh new space so the whole team and our visiting clients can be together, anytime!

Where have you moved from?

We were previously based just off the High Street, behind Wildwood. Having been there for 6 years, we have loved this little spot, alongside other amazing businesses in Talbot Yard.

Will the new office mean any new jobs? If so, how many and what roles?

Our growth into the new office will definitely mean some new job roles too. We’re currently looking for a Senior Accountant and will soon also be recruiting another Bookkeeper in the coming months. We love welcoming new members of the team and bringing new personalities to the business.

Will the new office enable an expansion of your services? If so, how?

Our new office will enable us to offer more face to face meetings and consultations to our clients. As COVID restrictions have faded away and people are eager to meet “in real life” again, we were desperate for the space to do this in. We have the best clients and we’re always happy to invite them in for a cuppa and a chat. Now we have the perfect place to do this! We are so excited to see what the future holds for our business, the team and our clients. We look forward to welcoming you soon.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope to see you soon!

Charlotte :)

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