We are Xero Gold Partners

Charlotte Allen
August 23, 2020

We’re very happy to share our latest news – we have achieved Gold Partner status with Xero! “Hurray!” I hear you shout! But what does this actually mean?

Where did it all begin?

After setting up in practice in 2014, Victoria and Charlotte were looking for software that would truly benefit the client and help their businesses become more successful. For that very reason, The Business Hut became a Xero partner right from the beginning. We work with Xero because we really believe it’s the most useful tool for our clients and us.

If you’re already using Xero then you’ll understand why both businesses and accountants sing from the rooftops about it. Xero enables you to have key financial information at your fingertips whether on your desktop, tablet, or mobile. It also integrates with other business functions to make it a smooth process from customer enquiry through to final year-end accounts preparation. There are many reasons your business should be using Xero. Find out more over on our dedicated page.

“We love working with Xero and sharing this beautiful accounting software with our clients to help them grow their businesses.” – Charlotte, Director

How is Gold Status awarded?

Xero runs a partner scheme which works on a points system. The points given to each practice reflective of how many client accounts that they have access to. Xero recognises partners that grow quickly, become experts and provide more benefits for their clients.

Working with a Gold Partner ensures you get access to a team of expert advisors, vouched for by Xero themselves.

“ Xero Gold status is an achievement that reflects our level of experience with our clients using Xero. It’s an achievement we’re extremely proud of.” - Victoria, Director.

A Xero Team

As Xero Gold Partners, the whole team are Xero Certified Advisors and we want you to be able to make the most of your business using all the tools available. We will ensure you make the most of your business using every tool available. If you’re unsure on something you can always just ask. We’re happy to share our expertise whenever you need us. We’ll show you how to utilise templates, set invoice reminders, and plan for tomorrow.

We are an exclusively Xero practice because we truly consider Xero to be the best accounting system. Beautiful accounting software that works for both our clients and our own business alike.

We can

As Xero Gold Partners we can;

·       help you convert your books from another system

·       set up new Xero accounts

·       set up integrated cloud applications

·       guide you through the functions of Xero and how you can get the most out of the software

·       advise on a range of add-ons

·       help with all aspects of Xero implementation for your business

If you’ve yet to try Xero, you can easily sign up for a free 30 day trial. Chat to the team about how Xero can benefit your business. And if you’re a current Xero user but need some more assistance with your accounts, get in touch, we'd love to help. You can email us at hello@thebusinesshut.co.uk or call the office on 01858 289 189.

Thank you so much for all your support over the last 5 years! We love working with all our clients and providing assistance with beautiful accounting software, Xero.

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