How to be more productive at work

Charlotte Allen
June 29, 2020

Many of us find that we can become stuck in Groundhog Day when it comes to the working week. We wake up, look at our phones and subject ourselves to stresses and demands of other people.

We’ve put together some top tips to readjust your routines and become more productive at work! With a simple and consistent morning routine, your life can feel more calm and energised, making you excited and ready for the day ahead!

Get into micro tasking

We’ve all got checklists and do-to lists that never seem to go down! But instead of looking at these daily tasks as one, instead tackle each task individually. That way, when you’re ticking items off as you go, you’ll feel more productive!

These are known as micro-goals. The motivation you get from reaching your micro-goals will give you power!

Give yourself time

Think about your mornings!

Many people have great intentions of having purposeful and productive mornings. They go to bed dead set on waking up early and checking a handful of to-dos off their list before their day starts. The problem is, when the morning rolls around and the alarm goes off at six in the morning they hit the snooze button a dozen times until the very last moment when they have to wake up.

They jump out of bed in a frenzied state with only minutes left to get out the door and onto their day. Because they are stressed they are curt with their spouse and family. They’re angry at themselves for not waking up earlier. They start their day in a horrible mood and a deep hole they must dig themselves out of during the day.

What a stressful and horrible way to start the day.

How you start determines how you end. If you start your day stressed out, rushed, and anxious, guess how your day will unfold? If you want to have a great day, give yourself a little more time in the morning to relax, focus, and prepare for the day ahead.

Eat better

We all know “we are what we eat”. This is true for you body and mind.

We need to feed ourselves nutritious food which will provide us with long sustained energy. We suggest minimising sugar and eat simple carbohydrates typically found in starchy white breads, pastries, and cereals. Your body and mind will thank you!

Take breaks

We might think working longer hours means we’re getting more done, but we never work as well when we’re burned out. Studies show taking regular breaks helps concentration and boosts your mood.

Always take the breaks you need and deserve throughout the day. Taking 5 minutes away from your desk, a chat with a colleague, a walk or some fresh air will help you feel energised to come back to the task in hand.

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